Apex Health + Social Care are ready to develop a national network of licensees.

Substantial Income Opportunity
With the UK Government continuing drives to reform the NHS and deliver more choice to the individual, the availability of a flexible, high quality and cost effective temporary workforce has never been so critical. The market place and business growth will continue to exceed expectations over the next few years with Hospitals and local authorities throughout the UK preferring to outsource and utilise the services of specialist agencies in face of budget restraints.

For over 20 years Apex Health + Social Care have been delivering the highest quality of healthcare staffing solutions to the following:

  1. NHS hospitals
  2. Nursing homes
  3. Residential homes
  4. Local authorities
  5. Charities
  6. Occupational health organisations
  7. Primary care trusts
  8. Private individuals

As an industry leading brand name Apex Health + Social Care have built a solid reputation for maintaining unprecedented standards, utilising a bespoke system to exceed compliance levels and provide in house training that goes beyond requirements.

As an Apex Health + Social Care licensee you will have the opportunity to earn a substantial income, choosing from different levels of involvement working within the company matrix.

  • If you are currently working in this industry,YES, this is for you!
  • If you want a business that will only increase,YES, this is for you!
  • If you want an investment with a lucrative monthly return,YES, this is for you!
  • If you have no experience but want to work in the community,YES, this is for you!

What is a licensee?
As a licensee (not a franchisee) you have the opportunity to develop your own business within Apex Health + Social Care, utilising the company’s facilities and very stringent compliance levels (which are compulsory and not easy to acquire).

As a licensee you can choose a level of commitment which can be flexible to suit your current lifestyle.

You will receive in-depth initial training relating to the licence you have secured. Our team will guide you through all the aspects of the nursing and social care business, ensuring your understanding of all the services Apex Health + Social Care provide.

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