Changes to the health and care sector in 2013

The Department of Health has released a new infographic depicting the changes that are due to happen within the health and care sector in April 2013.

Made up with the public and patients at the centre, the newly reshuffled health and care sector will focus on providing better quality care, while upholding budget and training obligations.

With five overseeing bodies sitting on the outside including the Care Quality Commission, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and The Health Research Authority, each section of the health and care sector will be regulated thoroughly and appropriately by governing bodies from relevant care and healthcare backgrounds.

Click on the infographic for a clearer picture of what to expect from the changes.

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The changing NHS

How is the NHS run? Infographic from BBC News

The NHS in England is about to undergo its biggest period of change and upheaval since its creation in 1948.

There are due to be a large number of changes, some large and some minor, most of which will concern the funding and decision-making of the organisation. After 2013 local councils will also have a larger say in how healthcare is provided under their jurisdiction.

The BBC have put together some useful infographics to help make sense of the changes and what they will mean to the running and operations of the NHS.

Treatment for patients infographic from BBC News

Finding direction infographic from BBC News

The health secretary sets policies, such as waiting times and currently, the Department of Health then passes these down through 10 SHAs and then to the PCTs who have to ensure they are put into place.

After the changes, the clinical commissioning board will take charge of overseeing the NHS from the Department of Health.

Priorities will be given to a new NHS Commissioning Board, which will control a significant part of the overall budget so that it can plan and buy specialist services and will also be charged with ensuring CCGs do not overspend their budgets.

Local councils are to have more of a role in tackling public health problems, such as obesity, in their area – and new health and wellbeing boards will help link this work with that of the CCGs.

A national body called Healthwatch, with local groups, is being set up to enable patients to have their say about the NHS.

NHS infographic from BBC News

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