The importance of Companionship

When a care plan is designed for any individual, it’s often the medication and healthcare aspects that take priority. Of course providing the correct medical care and attention for each client is of utmost importance, however we believe that social care is just as important to improve recovery times and to maintain a high standard of living.

Our Companionship Service is designed for people who do not need 24 hour personal care but sometimes struggle with daily activities while living at home and find their quality of life suffers as a result.

This service is especially invaluable to family members who are unable to visit regularly as it provides peace of mind knowing their loved one is being cared for.

Based around individual requirements, Apex HSC offers a range of services including daily routine reminders for medication, doctors’ appointments and other daily activities that will allow each client to remain independent. Carers are also able to help out with household tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, ironing and changing bed linen.

Social activities are also taken into consideration to ensure every client enjoys a full and enjoyable social life in and outside the home. This can include accompanying clients on day trips and outings.

Personal care is so important to help provide care users with the full and enjoyable independent life they deserve.

For more information on our personalised care programmes, please call 0845 600 3041.

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Compassionate homecare

Homecare bridges the gap between healthcare and client/patient wellbeing.

Working in health and social care requires patience, stamina and compassion. Compassion in care is a hot topic at the moment, and with good reason. People who have a health care assistant often need extra support to enable them to continue living independently; care and compassion is a huge part of this.

Homecare jobs involve a lot of this “compassionate care“. But what exactly is it? We all know that being polite, well-equipped and attentive are the key skills of any good carer, but what else can make homecare into something even more supportive to people’s needs?

Compassion in care is knowing that turning up on time makes a world of difference to a client. It is understanding that as a carer you are often the most constant and reliable aspect of your client’s life. Compassion isn’t just about simply fulfilling your role as a carer – as any homecare professional will tell you, caring is 24/7. Remembering birthdays, taking an interest in your clients’ lives and interests and actively beginning stimulating conversations all seem like small changes but they can make such a difference to a person’s level of care.

Being compassionately invested in a patient or client has practical benefits too, as knowing traits and interests can pinpoint healthcare issues or any worsening or underlying problems such as deteriorating health, dementia, depression or anxiety.

Support services set up to encourage staff to become compassionately involved with their clients lives see better results in audits and reviews, but perhaps more importantly patients and clients feel they receive a better standard and quality of care.For a homecare professional, that’s what truly matters.

If you would like to start a career in a career that’s not only rewarding but as flexible as you need it to be, contact Apex Health + Social Care today at or call 0845 600 3041

IMPORTANT: All Apex HSC homecare staff are currently required to have a full UK driver’s license and own their own mode of transport in order to make home stops.

Healthcare and homecare jobs with Apex HSC

Being a health care assistant is more than it seems. Homecare professionals work with clients to help them care for themselves. They provide the means for them to live safely and independently in their own homes and ensure they have regular company and care.

Homecare jobs can be as flexible as you need them to be too. From live-in carers to once-weekly drop-in visits, there are packages suitable for all clients and professionals dealing with a range of needs and skills.

Care services can give people the confidence and support they need to continue living sociably and safely as well as independently. If you are interested in working in a secure and rewarding career with benefits including but not restricted to:

  • Great rates of pay
  • Flexibility
  • Training
  • Career progression

Please contact Apex Health + Social Care on 0845 600 3041 or email for more information and to arrange an interview.