The importance of Companionship

When a care plan is designed for any individual, it’s often the medication and healthcare aspects that take priority. Of course providing the correct medical care and attention for each client is of utmost importance, however we believe that social care is just as important to improve recovery times and to maintain a high standard of living.

Our Companionship Service is designed for people who do not need 24 hour personal care but sometimes struggle with daily activities while living at home and find their quality of life suffers as a result.

This service is especially invaluable to family members who are unable to visit regularly as it provides peace of mind knowing their loved one is being cared for.

Based around individual requirements, Apex HSC offers a range of services including daily routine reminders for medication, doctors’ appointments and other daily activities that will allow each client to remain independent. Carers are also able to help out with household tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, ironing and changing bed linen.

Social activities are also taken into consideration to ensure every client enjoys a full and enjoyable social life in and outside the home. This can include accompanying clients on day trips and outings.

Personal care is so important to help provide care users with the full and enjoyable independent life they deserve.

For more information on our personalised care programmes, please call 0845 600 3041.

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The importance of nutrition in care

With so many important tasks in hand when providing homecare, the importance of correct nutrition can be unappreciated  It is understandable that for many home care professionals, the act of encouraging a patient to eat is in itself a job well done, but the implications of diet must be taken into account. Obesity in the UK is a rising problem and for many it can lead to serious health complications.

Caring for a client’s nutrition is one of the simplest ways to make a change for the better in their everyday routine. Healthier, more nutritious foods aid digestion and ease the symptoms of many forms of discomfort as well as providing more energy and having other, lasting beneficial effects.

Healthier patients are more able to fight off infections and recover from procedures. Many of the health complaints raised by care users can be avoided in their early stages with the correct use of a healthier diet and exercise plan. For some, even a small change in diet can have a large effect on not only their physical wellbeing but their morale too.

Apex Health + Social Care are committed to providing the highest quality care for clients and their families. We provide detailed care packages for care users, including nutritional requirements and compassion in care agreements.

For more information on how Apex HSC could help you or a loved one, contact 0845 600 3041 to request an information pack.

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Head of NHS backs investment into community and home care for elderly people

Sir David Nicholson

‘If you think about the average general hospital now, something like 40 per cent of the patients will have some form of dementia,’ he told The Independent.

‘They [hospitals] are very bad places for old, frail people. We need to find alternatives.’

In a rapidly ageing population prone to mental infirmities such as Alzheimers and dementia, care options such as community and home care are becoming not only more convenient for clients and their families, but a more stable and personalised option too.

He added: ‘The nature of our patients is changing – and changing rapidly. You are getting a larger and larger group of frail, elderly patients who are confused.’

“There is much more that can be done to foster and enhance those age-old qualities of human kindness and compassion.’

At Apex HSC we are committed to providing personalised care, taking individual needs and requirements into consideration and ensuring only the most effective and comforting routes of care are given for every client.

For more information on our care packages from round the clock domiciliary care to drop-in visitations, call 0845 600 3041 today.

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Planning is the key to improving neurological care

An estimated 10 million people in the UK have a neurological condition, such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis or dementia, that impacts their lives.

The individual needs of patients with degenerative neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis can change on a day to day basis, with the condition affecting speech, sight and muscle control. As such it is important to provide wide-ranging care plans that touch upon all possible needs in order to be prepared for “bad” days as well as the good.

Personalised care can make a marked difference on a client’s health and wellbeing, especially when their day to day needs are being met by supportive health and social care staff who truly understand the importance of their role.

Apex Heath + Social Care are committed to providing high quality care professionals to cater for clients and patients who require daily, weekly or round-the clock domiciliary care.

For more information or to request an information pack, please call 0845 600 3041.