Apex HSC attends African Voice in Moston

Kunbi Schwan Apex Licensee and Suzanne Naylor Apex Senior Carer attending the event on behalf of Apex HSC.

On Thursday the 17th January Apex Health + Social Care attended the African Voice event at Methodist Central Building alongside a host of local businesses with the intention of helping out in the local community.

Running the stand on the day was Apex Licensee Kunbi Schwan and Suzanne Naylor, Apex senior Carer, both looking out for dedicated new carers as well as aiding people with their search for appropriate care packages for their loved ones.The company was also presented with a commemorative certificate as an appreciative gesture of their sponsorship of the event and the ongoing work of African Voice in Moston, Manchester.

Apex Health + Social Care are committed to providing dedicated care in the local community. For more information on how we can help you and your loved ones please call 0845 600 3041.

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Stoptober – Supporting Clients & Stopping Smoking

Image: NHS Smokefree

This month, NHS Smokefree has organised a nationwide campaign called “Stoptober“to help smokers give up their habit,

Over the whole of October, thousands of people will be binning their cigarettes in place of a healthier lifestyle and as healthcare professionals it is important to be able to encourage clients, staff and patients to give up too.

Apex Health + Social Care are encouraging all carers, senior carers, healthcare assistants and qualified nurses to help their clients to give up smoking this Stoptober.

Quitting smoking is an important way to improve health and boost patient’s immune systems, as well as speeding up recovery rates and increase overall wellbeing and morale.

For more information on Stoptober and tips on encouraging smokers to give up for the month of October (and hopefully for good) visit the official NHS Smokefree website: http://smokefree.nhs.uk/

Image: NHS Smokefree